New Year’s Eve is a time to ride in style.

You’ve spent time picking out your outfit, the event you’re attending and even the people you’re going with. New Year’s Eve is about making a splash and starting the New Year off right! You’ll want to make a good impression, and you only get one opportunity for this. It won’t be the new suit, dress or shoes that people will see first, it’ll be you arriving in style with a White Shadow Limo.

Our fleet allows you to fit however many people you need. We can seat anywhere from 2 people to 24 in a single vehicle. Our fleet consists of Luxury Sedans, Stretch Limos and Luxury Limo Buses.

It’s the best way to guarantee a good time, as it keeps your party together and it makes sure that you and all your friends stay on the same page. Nobody has to be the designated driver, nobody has to call for cabs and it helps ring in the New Year the right way.

More importantly than the party, is getting home from the party.

New Year’s Eve is a day in which you get together with some of your best friends and family. There is nothing more important than the safety of these people and you have the opportunity to ensure their safety.

December 31st is the 2nd most common night of the year for people to drive drunk, we don’t need to go into the dangers of drunk driving, we all understand the importance of avoiding it all together. Providing your friends and family with a safe way to get home is an invaluable service and we’re proud to offer it!

Just like how you make a first impression at the party you’re attending, you want to make a good first impression on the year to come. It’s the first day and it can set the standards for the next 365 days that follow (Leap year!).

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Located in Toronto’s Halton Region, White Shadow Limo Service has served the Greater Toronto Area since 1989 and has built a reputation based on exceptional reliability and professionalism.