Canada Day is one of the biggest holidays and celebrations across our country. It’s a day we all rejoice in Canada becoming a unified nation and often referred to as “Canada’s birthday,” with parties being held everywhere on this special day and night! This year, why not attend the awesome event you’re heading to with a Canada Day limo!

Around this time every year, people are starting to make arrangements for how they’ll be celebrating on July 1st. But as we all very well know, it’s not just planning your celebration; it’s also planning how you’ll get there on one of the busiest days of the year.

Toronto is one of the largest metropolitan cities in Canada, and also one of the busiest ones on Canada’s birthday! Going out on this day downtown is fantastic, from great food and drink specials throughout the city all day to fireworks at the harbour front at night, it’s a great day to be in town.

Traffic getting into and out of downtown Toronto is always heavy on this day, but our trained, professional staff know the best ways to get you all over the city and surrounding areas so you don’t have to worry. By booking your Canada Day limo, you’re planning a way to get to and from where you’re celebrating in advance with courteous, timely service, so you’re stress-free and safe on the occasion!

By now, we have all come to expect coming across unexpected block parties and other roadblocks all day and all night on this date, whether we’re headed out somewhere or not. White Shadow Limo Service has been serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1989 and we’ve come to know a lot of the main areas that will likely be closed off on Canada Day. With us as your chauffeur, you won’t have to predict which routes will be fastest to get you where you’re going and out of these blocked situations, as our professional drivers will do that for you.

Don’t hesitate; Canada Day is a busy time for everyone! Contact us today for more information on booking your Canada Day limo, and get ready to celebrate Canada’s Birthday in style!