In the Greater Toronto Area, surge pricing is becoming more and more common and the best way to avoid it is by planning ahead with White Shadow Limo.

Some taxi-style services such as Uber and Lyft have been in the news lately because as their popularity rises, their surge pricing becomes more and more common. There’s one night in particular being discussed: New Year’s Eve. It’s one of the most common nights of the year for people to use alternative forms of travel, but surge pricing is actually a fairly frequent occurrence.

Broken down, surge pricing is a result of a limited number of drivers. When there are too many people looking to get a lift somewhere, not everyone can be picked up and the people that do get a ride get charged a premium.

The complaints about New Year’s Eve occurred because customers were experiencing surge charges at prices anywhere from four to ten times their normal rates.

While there are notifications of the surge pricing, some customers still felt duped by the service especially when looking at bills that had come to as much as $351.

The best way to avoid pricing like this is to plan ahead with White Shadow Limos. Not only do we not have surge pricing, but our fleet offers any accommodations you could possibly need and eliminates any waitingWe can provide safe travel for any size party at one of the most affordable rates in the GTA, not to mention, who doesn’t want to show up in a limo?

Stop worrying about how you’re going to get home. Set up a ride with White Shadow Limo and you’ll leave when you want, from where you want for a price that won’t blindside you.

Anytime there is a special occasion, you’re likely to find some kind of surge in your area. So, if you’ve got big plans, plan ahead.

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